Data Mining Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes refer to the material in the Assigned Readings and do not have attached citations. You may download the whole set (about 400Kb) in PDF, or you may download sections by topic:

  1. Overview: (PDF) . (PDF in romana) .

  2. Association-Rule Mining: (PDF) . (PDF in romana) .

  3. Low-Support/High Correlation: (PDF) . (PDF in romana) .

  4. Query Flocks: PDF.

  5. Searching the Web: PDF. (PDF in romana) .

  6. Web Mining: PDF. (PDF in romana) .

  7. Clustering, Part I: PDF. (PDF in romana) .

  8. Clustering, Part II: PDF.

  9. Matching Sequences: PDF.

  10. Mining Event Sequences: PDF.

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